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Terms and Conditions

Welcome Stormer!

Thank you for choosing us. We understand that your personal information and privacy are of utmost importance. Let us assure you that we will handle all your information with care and confidentiality. 

Student's Personal Information:

Student's Medical Information:

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Photography and Media Usage:

Terms and Conditions for Private Lessons

To avoid being charged the full fee, cancelations of private training sessions, such as swim privates or other private training programs, must be made 24 hours before the appointment.


Refunds for pre-paid and booked group sessions will not be given, but 12 hours before cancelation is still required.


You are responsible for informing the Coaches or Venue Manager of any health conditions or changes that may affect your ability to exercise safely and with minimal risk of injury, both now and in the future.


If you have any health irregularities, you must notify Storm Swimming Academy before the session begins. In some cases, a medical examination may be required.


Each private lesson package has an expiration date, and any sessions remaining after the expiration date will be forfeited. The expiration date is 45 days from the day of purchase for packages of 6 and 90 days from the day of purchase for packages of 12. Exceptions to this policy include extended leave of absence and serious medical conditions that prohibit physical activity associated with training. In such cases, a physician must communicate via a hospital letter.


Before scheduling your first session, you must pay for all private lessons in full. If you purchase packages requiring installments, you agree to pay all outstanding installments halfway through the scheduled package.


If you arrive 15 minutes late for a scheduled appointment, the trainer may leave the premise, and the appointment will be forfeited. All participants in a package will receive a free initial assessment.


Applicants under the age of 18 years must have written consent from a parent or guardian.

Once purchased, private lesson sessions are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Terms and Conditions for Group Classes

The length of each class will depend on the student's level, ability, and coach recommendations.

Students must attend their classes at the specified time and arrive five minutes early to be prepared for participation.


If a student is unable to attend classes for more than three weeks due to academic exams, vacations, medical reasons, or other reasons, they must inform the coach in writing.


Compensatory classes will not be provided for missed classes due to holidays, or school programs. However, Storm Swimming Academy may consider providing compensatory classes in unforeseen circumstances such as medical illness with a valid medical certificate, or facility closure due to maintenance or unsuitable weather conditions.


Parents and other individuals must remain in the designated areas during classes and refrain from interfering with the lessons.


Disruptive behavior from students will not be tolerated, and parents will be informed of any necessary actions, which may include removal from the class.


If any property belonging to Storm Swimming Academy or others is damaged due to deliberate attempts or negligence by a student, the student will be charged for repair or replacement.

Students must take responsibility for their personal belongings, and Storm Swimming Academy and its venues will not be liable for any loss or damage.


Storm Swimming Academy reserves the right to exclude any person who breaches these terms and conditions or is considered unfit to participate in the provided sports activity, poses a danger to themselves or others, or displays abusive or disruptive behavior.

Only registered students are allowed in the designated areas.


Students must always follow facilities’ rules and guidelines and dress appropriately for all sports and classes.


The student's known illnesses and allergies must be declared on the enrollment form.

Parents should direct all questions and feedback to the coach after class hours and not communicate with them during class hours.


Full payment for all classes must be made before the first lesson.

A receipt should be collected for all transactions, and a copy should be provided to the coach.

All fees paid are non-refundable and non-transferable unless agreed with management in writing.


All sessions must be completed before the end of the term in question.


All rates are inclusive of 5% VAT, effective from January 1st, 2018.


Please read the following important information before proceeding with any swimming programs the Storm Swimming Academy offers. Although the Academy strives to ensure your safety while participating in its programs, injury is always possible. By undertaking any swimming and other programs, you do so at your own risk, and Storm Swimming Academy will not be held responsible for any claims arising out of or in connection with their services. Storm Swimming Academy disclaims all liability for any loss or damage resulting from the use or misuse of any information or content provided. Additionally, while on the premises, Storm Swimming Academy is not responsible for any loss of personal belongings.


To make a payment, Storm Swimming Academy accepts the following methods:


Online Electronic Bank Transfer, and online card payments through an official VAT invoice from, cheques made payable to "Storm Swimming Academy," and cash payments to the venue manager. Please contact for invoice and account queries.


You submit your registration form, and you agree to these terms and conditions, disclaimer, and payment methods. You confirm that the provided information is accurate to the best of your knowledge and that you have read and understood all the guidelines on the program's protocol in the UAE and agree to follow them.

Welcome Stormer! We are very excited to be part of your journey! 

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