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Welcome Parents and Students!

Thank you for choosing us. We understand that your personal information and privacy are of utmost importance. Let us assure you that we will handle all your information with care and confidentiality. 

Terms and Conditions
Please read the terms and conditions carefully to avoid any confusion.

Private Lesson

Cancellations, Refunds and Transfers Policy:

  • To avoid being charged for swim sessions, cancel at least 24 hours before your scheduled time.

  • When you purchase a private lesson package, please note that the transaction is final. Refunds or transferring sessions to other individuals are not allowed. 

Health and Safety:

  • Let your coach know about any health issues that could impact your workout safety, now or in the future.

  • If you're not feeling well or have a health concern, inform the Storm Academy contact person before your lesson starts. Sometimes, we might ask for a doctor's note.

Package Expiry and Payment:

  • Private lesson packages expire: 10-session packs last 90 days from purchase. If you're on a holiday break (Spring, Summer and Winter Break) or have a major health issue, we can extend the expiry date with a note from your doctor.  

  • Please pay for your private lessons in full before you start. If you're on a payment plan approved by Storm's higher management, complete your payments by the midpoint of your lessons.

  • Paid Trials are available. 

Waiver and release form: 

  • All students and participants are required to fill out and sign the form. Minor participants will require the parent or legal guardian to sign the form on their behalf.


Group Classes

Class Details:

  • Class length varies based on each student’s level and the coach's advice based on the assessment.

  • Students should arrive 5 minutes early and attend classes on time.

Absences and Make-up Classes:

  • Please notify the venue manager or Storm Academy contact person via email or WhatsApp if you'll be missing the class due to exams, vacations, or other similar reasons. 

  • Missed classes due to holidays or school events won't be made up. But we might make exceptions for medical reasons with a doctor's note or if the facility is closed unexpectedly. 

  • Please arrange and confirm any make-up classes in advance of the scheduled session. Additionally, any missed lessons should be utilized within the same term. 

Class Cancellation Policy

The Company reserves the right to cancel any classes due to circumstances including, but not limited to, government-mandated orders, venue maintenance, environmental hazards ("code-brown"), or force majeure events. In the event of such cancellations, the Company is committed to providing timely notifications to all affected parties.

Notification Procedures:

  1. Communication Channels: Notifications regarding class cancellations will be communicated through WhatsApp messages and/or email, depending on the contact information provided by the participants.

  2. Timeliness of Notifications: The Company aims to provide notifications as early as possible to minimize any inconvenience. We encourage participants to ensure their contact information is current and to check messages regularly, especially in situations prone to sudden changes.

During Classes:

  • Parents and visitors should stay in the designated areas and not interrupt classes.

  • We strive to maintain a supportive learning environment for all our students and participants. Any, disruptive behaviour that affects others' learning will not be tolerated. 

  • Please be mindful that students are responsible for any damages they cause to property, whether through negligence or intentional actions. In such instances, the costs of repair or replacement will be the student/participant's or their legal guardian's responsibility.

  • Students and participants are responsible for their belongings. We're not responsible for lost or damaged personal items.

General Conduct:

  • We can ask someone to leave if they don't follow these rules, can’t safely participate, or are being unsafe or disruptive.

  • Only registered students and participants can be present in the teaching area.

  • Follow all facility rules, and wear the right clothes for sports.

  • Please talk to coaches after class hours for questions or comments, not during.


  • Pay for classes in full before starting or on the first day of the lesson.

  • Always get and keep a receipt for payments.

  • Fees are not refundable or transferable unless it's agreed in writing with Storm management.

  • Finish all sessions before the term ends.


  • All prices include a 5% VAT since January 1st, 2018.


Please read the following important information before proceeding with any sports programs the Storm Academy and its other brands offer. Although the Academy strives to ensure your safety while participating in its programs, injury is always possible. By undertaking any sports programs, you do so at your own risk, and Storm Academy will not be held responsible for any claims arising out of or in connection with their services. Storm Academy disclaims all liability for any loss or damage resulting from the use or misuse of any information or content provided. Additionally, while on the premises, Storm Academy is not responsible for any loss of personal belongings.
To make a payment, Storm Academy accepts the following methods:
Electronic Bank Transfer, and online card payments through an official VAT invoice from, cheques made payable to "STORM SPORTS CLUB AND FACILITIES MANAGEMENT SOLE PROPRIETORSHIP LLC," and cash payments to the venue manager. Please contact for invoice and account queries.
You submit your registration form, and you agree to these terms and conditions, disclaimer, and payment methods. You confirm that the provided information is accurate to the best of your knowledge and that you have read and understood all the guidelines on the program's protocol in the UAE and agree to follow them.

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