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Terms and Conditions

Triathlon Enthusiast!

Thank you for choosing us. We understand that your personal information and privacy are of the utmost importance. Let us assure you that we will handle all your information with care and confidentiality.

Personal Information:

Medical Information:

Have you or your family been diagnosed with any of these genetic diseases in the last 5 years?
Are you on prescribed medication?

Photography and Media Usage:

Terms and Conditions

  • All Packages are available from 2nd Jan to 22nd March 2024 (School Term) and cannot be transferred or extended beyond 22nd March.

  • Master Class & Flexi Pass packages are booked per your preferred location and cannot be swapped.

  • Packages are for adults only at this time. 

  • SuperPass & Drop-in sessions individual lane bookings are on a first come first server basis

Welcome Stormer! We are very excited to be part of your journey! 

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