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Storm Swimming Academy Company Policy

Welcome to Storm Swimming Academy, a leading provider of aquatic education in the United Arab Emirates. This document outlines our company policies, crafted to foster a safe, professional, and inclusive environment for everyone involved—students, staff, and stakeholders—while adhering to the laws and regulations of the UAE.

1. Mission Statement:  
Our mission is to provide top-quality swimming instruction to individuals of all ages and abilities, encouraging a passion for swimming, enhancing water safety, building confidence, and cultivating a supportive community.


2. Code of Conduct:


For Staff:

  • Uphold professionalism, respect, integrity, and fairness at all times.

  • Possess and maintain valid swimming teaching and life-saving qualifications, ensuring they are regularly updated.

  • Prioritize the safety of all participants by strictly following safety protocols.

For Students and Parents:

  • Treat everyone with respect and adhere to academy instructions.

  • Arrive punctually for classes and notify the academy of any absences in advance.

  • Follow the academy’s dress code and utilize designated facilities appropriately.

3. Health and Safety Policy:  

  • Regularly inspect facilities and equipment to ensure they are in excellent condition.

  • Promote good hygiene practices and comply with ongoing COVID-19 preventative measures.

  • Commit to ensuring the safety and well-being of all participants.

4.  Child Protection Policy:  

  • Conduct thorough background checks on all staff members.

  • Ensure proper supervision is provided at all times.

  • Set forth clear procedures for reporting any concerns about child welfare.

5. Financial Policy:  

  • Require fees to be paid in advance to maintain transparency in financial transactions.

  • Communicate information regarding fees, refund policies, and cancellation procedures.

6.  Equality and Diversity Policy  

  • Promote inclusivity and ensure equal access for individuals regardless of their background.

  • Accommodate the needs of individuals with disabilities to the fullest extent possible.

7. Complaints Procedure

  • Encourage and value feedback; take all complaints seriously.

  • Implement a fair and prompt process for resolving issues.

8. UAE Laws on Filming and Photography (Cybercrime Law)  

  • Obtain explicit consent for filming or photographing.

  • Restrict filming and photography to appropriate areas and purposes.

  • Prohibit misuse of images or videos, with strict adherence to UAE privacy laws.

  • Implement a reporting mechanism for violations and ensure compliance.

9.  Amendments to the Policy

This document is subject to updates to reflect changes in laws, regulations, or operational practices of the academy. Stakeholders will be promptly informed of any significant amendments.

By participating in or being employed by Storm Swimming Academy, individuals agree to adhere to these policies, thereby contributing to a respectful and productive learning environment.

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