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Storm Coaching Academy

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Are you a sports enthusiast with dreams of becoming a coach? Have you ever wondered what makes a great coach truly exceptional? Look no further! Storm Swimming proudly presents the Storm Coaching Academy, designed to nurture the next generation of coaches.

What is Storm Coaching Academy?

The Storm Coaching Academy is not just a training program; it's an immersive environment where athletes and aspiring coaches of all ages and skill levels converge to pursue their passion for sports.

L1 Sports Leader (min age 11yrs)
L2 Community Sports Leader (min age 13yrs)
L3 Advanced Sports Leader (min age 15yrs with accreditation at 17yrs)

Level 3 also has 16 UCAS points.

Here, you'll receive specialized coaching, mentoring, and guidance to excel in your coaching journey. Our academy offers a comprehensive development program that focuses on:


1. Personal Growth: We foster the development of essential interpersonal skills, such as communication, negotiation, teamwork, time management, resilience, and planning.


2. Accredited Qualifications: Our progressive UK Nationally accredited Sports Leadership qualification structure, from level 1 to level 3, is accredited via the Leadership Skills Foundation.


3. Employability Skills: We equip our trainee coaches with the soft skills sought by employers, universities, and industries to ensure their future success in education, training, and employment.


4. Expert Mentorship: Benefit from the guidance of our seasoned team of expert mentors who will help you refine your coaching skills.


Joining the Storm Sports Coaching Academy not only advances your coaching career but also supports your journey toward sporting success. Understanding techniques and teaching others can enhance your own performance. Whether you aspire to be a coach or simply want to boost your confidence, communication, planning, time management, and organizational skills, joining our coaching academy can be a game-changer. Elevate your coaching journey with Storm Coaching Academy today!

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