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Amity International School - Abu Dhabi

Dive into the Pinnacle of Aquatic Excellence


Welcome to Amity 

Nestled at the heart of Amity International School's campus, our state-of-the-art 50-meter pool is a testament to innovation, precision, and our unwavering commitment to fostering exceptional swimmers. As the exclusive venue for Storm Swimming Academy's classes, this pool is where aspiring athletes embark on their journey to becoming champions.

Crafted to meet the rigorous demands of dedicated swimmers and seasoned competitors alike, our high-performance pool boasts Olympic-grade dimensions and cutting-edge features. Its crystal-clear waters stretch gracefully, providing an expansive and uninterrupted space for swimmers to perfect their strokes, refine their technique, and increase their speed.

Enhanced with advanced water filtration and temperature control systems, our pool ensures a comfortable and sanitary environment, whether for training or relaxation. Meticulously maintained, the pool's conditions set the stage for athletes to push their boundaries and transform their aquatic aspirations into reality.

Classes available: 

  • Aqua Baby

    • Parent and Baby ​

    • Parent and Tot

  • Long-Term Athlete Development

    • Water Confidence ​

    • Beginner 

    • Intermediate 

    • Stroke Development 

    • Pre-Squad

    • Development Squad 

  • Storm Squad

    • Junior ​

    • Senior

  • Adult Swimming Lesson

    • Beginner ​

    • Intermediate

    • Competitive

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