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Vision Statement: 

  • The children of today are the leaders of tomorrow. This is a significant phrase that each education and sports provider should keep in mind.

  • Children spend most of their days in school and most of their afternoons participating in a wide variety of sports including swimming.

  • Our vision is to use swimming as a medium in which the youth of today gain essential knowledge that they can pass on to future youth and in doing so ensure that all children including their parents understand the dangers of water sports and water-based recreational activities and how to manage and avoid the risks that are involved. In their futures, today's children might become architects, engineers, property owners, or developers.

  • The knowledge that they carry over from their youth into their adult lives will ultimately contribute to their decision-making through which they will be the leaders that will ensure the safety of all those around them around the water.

  • Further to this education and provision of knowledge that will help create the leaders of tomorrow is the understanding of nature conservation.

  • Our marine environments in the open bodies of water within and surrounding our cities are in continual danger from pollution caused by human development and activities. We strive to create an understanding of the importance of preserving the natural wonders around us so that our children and their children's children will continue to enjoy the things that we have the privilege to enjoy.


Our Mission:

Here at STORM, our mission is to be the leading provider of high-quality swimming programs in the Middle East. Our highest priorities are the learning, health and well-being, and safety of each swimmer. With this focus, we aim to target all aspects of each child's learning phases Starting from as young as 3 months old focusing on the essential skill of floating to ensure the safety of babies around water do Through the creation of a progressive learning environment, we can tailor each child's learning path so that it takes them through Childhood into their teens and later adulthood with the focus of everyone being able to achieve their goals whether it is just being a competent swimmer or competing at high-level swimming competitions.


Core Values:

  1. To provide a safe and optimized learning environment for all our swimmers within a family-orientated environment.

  2. To provide a platform through which every member of the STORM family can reach the upper limits of their capabilities. This is not only for our swimmers but also for the educators who dedicate their professional lives to supporting our swimmers in their journeys.

  3. To provide a safe, loving, and caring environment for all of our staff in which they feel valued and respected ad high-quality professionals in their fields of work. 

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